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About JLOF

Jeremiah Lucas Opira Foundation (JLOF) was established as a non-profit, politically and religiously independent organisation in 2011.  The main objective is to assist people in ways that lead them to independence, self-sufficiency, sovereignty and respect for diversity. The Foundation shall through practical and sustainable projects and programs, work to improve opportunities for the poor and vulnerable in the communities where it works in the following areas:

    • Promotion of education.
    • Advancement of culture, heritage and history.
    • Pursuit and promotion of community development.
    • Promotion of human rights, equality and diversity.
    • Advancement of environmental protection and improvement.
    • Promotion of peace and reconciliation.
    • Facilitating meetings and hosting seminars and conferences.
    • Business support and development.

The VISION of the Foundation is to be a force and a partner of choice, dedicated to facilitating the creation of sustainably developed, resilient and socio-economically empowered communities which optimize their potentials and people live in dignity, security and harmony across boundaries of ethnicity, social stratification and generations. The MISSION of the Foundation is guided by the aspirations of local communities, JLOF takes a holistic and need based approach and work in partnership with the local communities, governments, business sectors, academia and other organisations or individuals to realise the potentials of the local communities by finding and delivering result-oriented and lasting solutions.


Transparency and Accountability – The adoption and maintenance of high ethical standards is a core principle of the Foundation. The Foundation upholds full openness to its donors, beneficiaries, partners and members with regards to its processes, operations and outcomes. The Foundation holds itself and its members accountable to the highest level of ethical behaviour and responsibility of its actions while maintaining integrity in its performance. Sustainability – The Foundation is committed to sustainable development and facilitates programs and projects where economy and ecology work together in a balanced and integrated manner to sustain societies and culture. Diversity and Social inclusion – The Foundation promotes diversity, equality, dignity and a more just society. The Foundation works for inclusion of poor and marginalized groups as well as the achievement of equity and gender parity in the designing of policies, programs, projects and in the allocation of resources. Voluntarism and Service – The Foundation expects its members, employees and partners to be primarily motivated by compulsion and commitment to uphold human rights and a philanthropic spirit to serve the underprivileged and not their own interests. Collaboration – The Foundation carries out its programs and projects through collaborative partnerships with local communities, governments, organisations and individuals for the achievement of sustainable development outcomes. Excellence –The Foundation strives to exceed expectations by continuously enhancing individual and organizational knowledge, skills, and capacity in support of its goals. Compassion – The Foundation is guided by compassion rooted in the sense of solidarity and understanding of others as members of the human community.