On the 1st of May Uganda, as many other countries in the world, celebrate Labour Day. In Uganda, as in many countries, it is also a public holiday on this day.

International Labour day, or International Workers’ day has its roots in 19th century workers’ movements. Today for many of us it celebrates the contribution that working population brings to building and developing our world, it emphasises that all of us are entitled the right to work, and that we entitled to fair, equal and sustainable conditions, wage and treatment at work.

While unemployment in Uganda today with the rate of 4.2 percent might not seem as a warning sign (to compare with unemployment of, for instance, Euro Zone – 11.30 or even more so – Spain with 23.78), it is still the all-time low for the country with the population of nearly 38 mln.

When comparing with the above mentioned countries, the difference also must be noted in impact of unemployment for workers and their families in the country with an underdeveloped social welfare system.

It is unfortunately so, that in the current situation, the Labour Day in Uganda rather highlights the challenges that country’s labour force is facing, instead of celebrating its rights and achievements.

Nevertheless, the occasion that the Labour Day brings, must be used to encourage sustainable development in the country. Therefore we say Happy and Hopeful Labour Day to Uganda, its great people, and also its international partners – organisations like JLOF, who are contributing and supporting Uganda’s development into the bright and sustainable future!

International Labour Day