This is where we met the children who already are receiving JLOF scholarships. Despite that universal education is acknowledged as one of the human rights, and that countries around the world should ensure free access to at least primary education, in many sub-saharan Africa countries this is not the case. Unless a school receives support from donors (charity/international organisations), the cost for education (school fees, learning materials and uniforms) has to be provided by parents. Provided that most of them either come from large families, or that they have lost their parents (Uganda is the second youngest population in the world, according to 2014 data), many of the children remain disadvantaged in terms of accessing education.

No wonder that the pupils that we met with at Bishop Luwum Memorial College were so thankful for the support from JLOF. They met us up right after an exam they were taking from early morning till the afternoon (around 3 pm). We were told they were tired and hungry (they have not had their first meal that day yet, as there is no food provided at school, and most of them do not get anything to eat for breakfast at home either). We were very thankful and honoured by this meeting, as well as even more motivated to do as much as we can to support them further.