This picture was taken at the Pajong village primary school, where JLOF had its workshop with the community representatives in March 2015. The workshop took place at the same time when classes did, and we sneaked out from the workshop to meet children while they were out on their break. These children are different ages, even they might be a part of the same class. This could be due to the fact that they start the school at different times, some older than others, or, more commonly, they drop school and then later, if fortunate enough, join in again. It is also common that it takes quite long for some children to get through the threshold of knowledge requested to go to the next level. No wonder, they do not have proper study materials, and for many of them they get a pen and paper to write on/read from on the exam day for the first time in their lives. It was rather surprising to learn this fact, but, as a matter of fact, this is the reality of these children.