We took this image it on the road going to the border to South Sudan (mountains in the horizon). What is remarkable in the image is that you can see the foot prints on the ground. Most of the roads that we saw in Northern Uganda are covered with foot prints. Second most common print – bicycle tires. Most of the people, however, live their lives on foot. Everyday day walk up to 10 km or more one way just to fetch water. It is mostly women and girls who are responsible for this task. Children walk to school – most often the have to get up in the dark if they want to reach it on time (sun rises around 7 am in Uganda). Walking such long distances in heat (up to 40 degrees) is exhausting. But also, it may be dangerous. Especially for girls. Due to it being so dangerous many girls stop going to school altogether, we were told.

But back to the walking. The walking is so central to people we met in Northern Uganda, and it really looks gracious. This is why we put the image for the January. To walk the road this new year that lies ahead of you. 12 months.