An old house. Do you recognize a blackboard on the wall? This blackboard was actually used as a school blackboard a long time ago , and this private house hosted what then later evolved into the primary school that JLOF cooperates with. The value and importance of educating children is undeniable, therefore many of our cultures and countries have home-schools in their history. Improvised schools at home, with children from the whole neighbourhood coming along and learning to read from that one dedicated adult, is a manifestation of will and urge. Once these two are there, there will be a way to develop further.

To a real classroom, with real books. In Pajong village the primary school has own buildings. Real study materials, however, are yet to come. JLOF continues to support the boys and girls in Pajong to access their right to quality education. We need more caring people like you! Connect with us and share on your favorite social networks. You may also make a donation or redirect gifts – instead of having people give you gifts, ask them to donate to our cause.