Like mother, like daughter. We chose this image as the image for May , because every second Sunday in May Uganda celebrates the Mother Day. In the picture you can see Ms. Jennifer Anyek, a mother and a teacher at Archbishop Loum Primary School in Pajong village, with her little daughter. They both were very active participants of JLOF workshop with stakeholders in March 2015 during the ‪#‎JLOFtrip‬. The little girl in the picture is lucky to have a mom who understands the importance of education and is a teacher herself. Various international studies and reports confirm that ensuring education of girls in developing countries is the only way that these countries can overcome the extreme poverty they are suffering from. Yet it continues to be so that girls are especially underprivileged when it comes to education. Our workshop participants told many stories about why and how it is so. For instance, even if a girl gets to attend school, her primary duties remain the work at home, such as fetching water and wood, and making meals among other tasks. It often is so that when a girl gets back from school, she has to do the house work while her brothers are doing their homework or playing outside. She is the last to go to bed and the first to go up, and she is the last in the line for food that very often is not enough for everyone. This affects a lot her study performance, and it is very likely that she would drop out from school as all of the duties become too much for her to bear.