We have talked so much about all the negative things, about all the difficulties that our friends in Pajong are facing, but there is also a positive note to that.

This positive note are the people themselves – hopeful and faithful, finding strength to find beauty and joy in the little they have. This image was taken right after the workshop which we had with our stakeholders. For three days we were talking about problems and needs, and discussing how can we start changing things. We heard ans saw many difficult facts.

But once this was over, our hosts did not hesitate to thank us by showing the best they have – their traditions, their amazing traditional dances in fantastic costumes. This proved again how important culture, spirituality and creativity is. It was amazing to see how still attached to their living environment Acholi people are – something that many of those of us who live in big cities have already lost.

Thank you, our Acholi friends, for reminding and teaching us!