Girls at school, playing outside the classroom. Statistics and studies show that the older pupils get, the lesser girls you would see in the classroom. There may be various reasons for that, but one that would generalize the most of them would be that educating girls often is still considered a lesser priority to compare with educating boys. Hence, parents are choosing their sons over daughters to attend school, teachers are more supportive of boys, the study material is adapted to boys and very often reimpose subordinate gender roles, school infrastructure is not adapted to gender specific needs (like proper sanitary facilities), and, in general, it still remains dangerous for girls to walk to school those 8 km one way every day, in the dark hours of an early morning (sun rises around 7 am every day in Uganda). The first important step is thus to identify these issues. The second important step is to start changing. Good quality education is one of the most powerful theories of change. This is what JLOF addresses with our upcoming project. Join us!