Over 1.000 persons, from afar and nearby, attended the memorial prayer led by Rt. Rev. Macleord Baker Ochola II, for Jeremiah Lucas Opira on Friday 24 February at the family home in Mucwini Trading Center.

Between 3.000 and 4.000 persons attended the 3 days festivities. The organising committee, chaired by Moses Olal DeNyeko  and vice-chair Martin Arop , presented an excellent program and organisation. Opira is remembered with words like “hero”, “a good teacher because he loved children and people”, “a visionary” “a pan-african” etc.

The memorial marked the end but also a new beginning

On behalf of  Mrs Opira and the family of Jeremiah Lucas Opira, it is with great pleasure we extend to you all a very warm welcome and heartfelt gratitude for your support and presence on this special occasion to mark and celebrate the memory of our father Jeremiah Lucas Opira, his brother Benjamin Bongowat, their mother Kabaka Agwok Lameny and other deceased family members.

Coming to this day and point has not been easy. We are very grateful to the organizing committees and all those who have contributed in kind and made the efforts that this arrangement and ceremony can take place.  Let us rejoice in this achievement.

We would also like to thank the elders, those who knew our fathers and grandmother. Our father believed that it is by the blessings of the elders that we can develop this land. We hope to continue working with all the elders in the community.

Today we have proven that even how hard and challenging a goal can be, when we put our hearts and minds together, we can make things happen. The main purpose of this gathering is a memorial service. It has also given us a golden opportunity to meet and get together.

What lies ahead for the future?
The ceremony is about marking a line from the past. But it is also about a new beginning, setting a new line for the future.  It is our wish that this will result and bring hope and comfort that will be to the benefit of all of us. What vision do we have and how should we continue to work through the legacy of Jeremiah Lucas Opira.

In the memory of Jeremiah Lucas Opira and the spirit of service and consolidation of national unity, by which he lived his life, it is important we continue to do the work he started and fulfill dreams. It is from now we have to continue in memory of the legacy he left behind.. The things he believed in during his life time. We want to believe that good and better things and time lie ahead of us. This is what we should look forward to. But we will need to join our efforts and together we make the things we strive for happen. To work in a coordinated and efficient manner, Mrs Opira and family has set up JLOF – Jeremiah Lucas Opira Foundation.