Fundraising Campaign:  3 Weeks. Starting 18 Feb

Closing event: 1 Week before the trip: 11 March

Concept: The fundraising campaign will be aimed at collecting       necessary funds to  purchase the additional solar panel equipment which will provide electricity to the village that JLOF is setting up a workshop in March 2015. The solar equipment is meant for the use of the local partner, to charge phone, computer as well as light. The fundraising campaign will include an event that will be both, a final chord of the campaign, and also a “see-off” occasion for the JLOF team that is leaving to Uganda for the study trip, during which the workshop will be organised.



On March 14, JLOF Sweden will get on the road to Uganda, to Chua County in Northern Uganda. This trip will be a turning point in the short history of JLOF – after four years after its establishing, after several fundraising campaigns and events which resulted in providing scholarships for local pupils and establishing basis for further cooperation on the ground in Uganda, a study trip and workshop will take place on 19-21 March at Pajong, Luwum Primary School. The study trip is financed through the project funding source of Forum Syd. 

However, before we start with the workshop, there are some challenges that we have to meet. Some simple challenges solving of which would benefit the local community in the longer term. 

We need to bring some light and energy to the village. Literally. Equipment (solar panels and batteries) that would provide electricity which is needed by everyone in our world. We cannot use project nor other public funding, as purchasing of equipment is not an eligible cost in this public funding scheme. 

This is why we are setting up a fundraising campaign which will run for three weeks online, hoping that we all together can actually make a difference and provide some light and energy. 

This campaign will culminate with an event in Stockholm, where you could come and mingle, meet interesting people, find out more about the upcoming study trip and meet the team which goes on the road, as well as find out how else can you be engaged in making difference. 


Aim: to fundraise 10 000 SEK (approx 1000 EUR ) for purchasing the needed solar energy generator/equipment. 

DONATE HERE (and write BRINGING LIGHT in the message field)