Today is the day when the world is recognizing and honoring the greatest successes on the tip of humanity development, in the main spheres of our contemporary civilization. These successes are believed to be what is increasing our understanding of the world around us, and what will take humanity to a better future. They are the once who today will receive their Nobel Prize 2014.

Among the prize categories celebrating exciting achievements in science and literature there is one which is rather a symbolic one, and as such it gives the meaningful background to all the rest of awards. It subtly shows why we should be celebrating achievements in our science and culture in the first place. Namely, it is the Nobel Peace Prize. Alfred Nobel himself has once noted that the Peace Prize should be awarded 10 times; if after that there is still war in the world, then one should stop handing out the prize because the peace could never be achieved.

Now, after more than a century of Peace Prize history, we can see that Mr. Nobel was wrong in articulating the meaning of the Prize. This meaning is to empower, because it proves that no matter what, we, the human beings, can still find among ourselves those who will be spreading a good message and will be helping those in need. We have so much to learn from them and to get inspired.

This years’ Nobel Peace Prize award has a special meaning to all of us who contribute to promoting human rights, equality, education and sustainable development. Its laureate gives a face to that the importance of which the whole world has to acknowledge: girls right to education.

Malala Yousafzai, a person who is repeatedly named a spokesperson for girls education across the world, is also the one who shapes a conversation around issues that are critically important for girls around the world. Today it is clearer than ever before that the issue is worldwide equality in education. There can be too much initiatives nor people striving to achieve this goal.

Malala has her own foundation, in which, as she explained herself in an interview with the Forbes magazine, they both, do advocacy, and practical work on the ground. This practical ground is namely to go and find what problems children are facing and then helping them to get an education. In each place, she says, the situation is different, thus one has to find a different solution to it.

It was uplifting to read these wise and brave words coming from a young girl who has become a symbol to the fundamental human rights, peace, and girls’ right to education. It was especially so because JLOF, which is also a young foundation, not only shares the same values and vision for a better world, but also attempts to work on the ground, find and address the needs, encourage and empower. As Malala has proven, it all can start with giving an opportunity for a few girls to receive scholarships enabling them to go to school. Every initiative counts.

As the year 2014 comes to end, we have great messages to share. If you remember, this year kicked-off with a wave of your contributions. You made it possible to reach the fund-raising challenge and thus secure a regular place on GlobalGiving fund-raising platform. Later in the year, tireless efforts by JLOF Board and its supporters ensured that the Foundation would be assigned a “90-Konto”, or a “90-Account”, which serves as a highest trust recognition for a charity foundation in Sweden. Finally, JLOF project proposal submitted to ForumSyd was awarded a grant to organize a study visit and on-ground research in Uganda, where the school that JLOF works with is situated.

The year 2014 requested hard work and was generous. 2015, in turn, will require even more. It will be also more rewarding, because it is already clear that new actions and results will be delivered. With every new experience the foundation becomes stronger, and from here on the only direction is forward. We will be looking for partners, supporters, cooperation, friends, for the working together and for making a difference. Follow our stories and get engaged in the common cause – every support counts!

Have a peaceful end of the year, and an inspiring start of the new one!