JLOF has initiated a project through the support of Forum Syd (SIDA) 

The overall objective of the project is to see that all boys and girls in Pajong Village have access to quality education by the year 2030.

Leave No-One Behind

JLOF has since 2015 been involve in the project for increasing access to quality education for all the children in Pajong village. In the course of the project, we have come across pupils with disabilities who struggled to attend the mainstream school without any facilitation or adaptation to their special needs. Year after year they would repeat classes in an impossible attempt to catch up.


Together with the school, JLOF is continuously working to improve the impact of the scholarships

and increase the number based on need as well as develop continued support for the students who graduate

and aim for vocational studies or university. Up to date 140 students have benefited from the scholarships.   

The scholarship is currently about 200 SEK (20$) per term and student