JLOF’s supporters inspire us to do more through their generous donations of time, money and in kind. We thank all of our supporters for their tireless dedication to JLOF’s mission. Individuals are important partners in our work.   They give generously as monthly donors; in honour or memory of friends and loved ones; through workplace giving campaigns; and by mail, online, and at events. We thank those individuals who have devoted their time and support to further JLOF’s mission. The following are some of our supporters:


Brindle - Interior Design

Supports JLOF through the sale of the Acholi Beads 


Döbelnsgatan 47, Stockholm - SE

Current and Previous Business Partners

Bisevo Business Evolution AB, www.bisevo.se

Daniel Hägglund www.danielhagglund.com
Taylor & Jones www.taylorsandjones.com
Sébastien Boudet www.sebastienpasoder.se
Umerkajeff www.umerkajeff.se
Kötthallen www.kötthallen.com

Become our business partner
We are looking for partners for deeper and long-term cooperation. Right now we have a strong focus on our investments in children, youth and women, but all parts of our operations are dependent on support. As a partner you choose to long-term support JLOFs business. A partnership may include: a campaign or a special project, or to have JLOF as the beneficiary of a specific product or sales activity.
Contact us for further information at: info@jlof.net