Sustainable Development by Cooperation. Bankgiro:900-4102
Help us raise the enrollment and retention rate at Loum Primary school in Pajong parish to provide access to quality education for all.
Mapping of activities that contribute to the new Global Sustainable Development Goals ‪#‎SDGs‬ at the‪#‎ForumSyd‬ member meeting. The new JLOF project which is being developed contributes to at least these five!

The video from our trip to Uganda 14-28 March 2015 is now online.

Thank You!
Your support is helping us help the children access quality education in northern Uganda.

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    As we move and look forward, taking our first steps into another year, let us also reflect about the past. We look back at our past journeys for 2016 and earlier years. We realize the past journeys have been filled with joys and achievements as well as sacrifices. The sacrifices …Read More »
  • JLOF Calendar 2016 – December

    JLOF Calendar 2016 – December

    It seems like we just got started on 2016 and it is almost over! This is the last image in the calendar for 2016 and the message is simple. This is us, the people in Pajong who want to be engaged in making change happen, and us, the JLOF team who …Read More »
  • JLOF Calendar 2016 – November

    JLOF Calendar 2016 – November

    The needs can be so basic: Adequate nutritious food Access to clean water Clothing Housing/ a home Safe physical  environment Security in childhood Health To challenge hope , To make one tired……..Read More »
  • JLOF Calendar 2016 – October

    JLOF Calendar 2016 – October

    We have talked so much about all the negative things, about all the difficulties that our friends in Pajong are facing, but there is also a positive note to that. This positive note are the people themselves – hopeful and faithful, finding strength to find beauty and joy in the …Read More »
  • JLOF Calendar 2016 – September

    JLOF Calendar 2016 – September

    Girls at school, playing outside the classroom. Statistics and studies show that the older pupils get, the lesser girls you would see in the classroom. There may be various reasons for that, but one that would generalize the most of them would be that educating girls often is still considered …Read More »
  • JLOF Calendar 2016 – August

    JLOF Calendar 2016 – August

    This image shows the well-known river Nile, the symbol of Africa. We took it on the way to Pajong village, approx at the half of the distance. Most of the people in Northern Uganda have never seen the river in their lives – most of them do not travel this …Read More »