Jeremiah Lucas Opira Foundation

Jeremiah Lucas Opira

JLOF is named after Jeremiah Lucas Opira, who was born in the Kitgum district Uganda in 1933. During his political career he worked as, amongst other things, an expert for the Organization of African Unity during the Congo crisis and as a functional chief political adviser at the president’s office.
In 1974 he came to Sweden as a refugee. Opira was not finished with his work for Uganda though – he played a key role in founding the UNLF and facilitated the Moshi Conference that led to the fall of Idi Amin.
Through his unwavering integrity and courage, Opira accomplished much for Uganda before passing away in November 2000. As a father and feminist, he treated his sons and daughters equally. He fought against discrimination and fought for equal rights for all, including the right to education for everyone. JLOF now continues in the footsteps that Opira left behind. Through the foundation, his vision lives on. And not least, the memory of his great deeds lives on through us.

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JLOF works to improve opportunities for disadvantaged, vulnerable communities.


Stockholm, Sweden


Box 398, Kitgum, Uganda