JLOF Scholarships


Following a visit to Archbishop Janani Luwum Memorial College in Mucwini in 2011, JLOF launched an academic scholarship to support 23 best performing students each year. The aim was to improve the overall performance of the school compared to the national performance.

Performance has improved and enrollment to the school has increased as students hope to get the scholarship. Together with the school, JLOF is continuously working to improve the impact of the scholarships and increase the number based on need as well as develop continued support for the students who graduate and aim for vocational studies or university. Up to date 140 students have benefited from the scholarships.

The scholarship is currently about 350 SEK (35$) per term and student.

JLOF works to improve opportunities for disadvantaged, vulnerable communities.


Stockholm, Sweden


Box 398, Kitgum, Uganda