Course in Results-Based Management

We’ve had a busy week! During three intensive days, Mia (our Chair of the Board of Directors), Gertrude (our Founder, Treasurer and Member of the Board of Directors), and Irene (our Executive Director), participated in a course with the purpose of learning more about Results-Based Management. Through workshops and exchanges of experience with participants from […]

Interview with Sister Teresa “Teddy” Ayoo

Interview with Sister Teddy When Irene Opira, JLOF’s Executive Director, was in Kitgum, Uganda, she had the opportunity to interview Sister Teresa “Teddy” Ayoo, who is both the founder and CEO of Glory Special Needs School, with which JLOF collaborates. During the interview, Sister Teddy talks about why she decided to start a school that […]


Education is about more than learning to read, write and count. Our education program addresses important factors that help to help communities from poverty and give children an opportunity for education. This includes all the necessary infrastructure and materials required for effective learning. Even cultural issues such as preventing child marriages and keeping girls in […]

JLOF works to improve opportunities for disadvantaged, vulnerable communities.



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