JLOF obtained a 90 account in 2014, which means we are monitored by the Swedish Fundraising control 

The Swedish Fundraising Control is a non profit association which
- grants 90-accounts to organisations who conducts public fundraising if these meet a strict set of demands,
- performs annual checks of all organisations with 90-accounts and
- makes sure that the fundraising activity keeps a high standard.

Only the non profit organisations, foundations and religious communities approved as  90-accounts holders by The Swedish Fundraising Control, and who are also being monitored by them, can receive a seven digit 90-account at PlusGirot or Bankgirot.

JLOFs 90-account is: 900-4102


Insamlingsstiftelse JLOF Sweden

Swish number: 123 900 41 02

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Benevity is a global leader in online workplace giving, matching, volunteering and integrated grant management solutions. Through Benevity, JLOF has been registered under: Insamlingsstiftelsen JLOF - Jeremiah Lucas Opira Foundation, Sweden as well as Jeremiah Lucas Opira Foundation JLOF under Global Giving. For donations and voluntary hours registered, we kindly ask you to register under the Swedish option as the deposit reaches us without much delay. The Global Giving is a separate organization, which channels the donations through an additional organization, which is both costly and time consuming as it needs to accumulate a certain amount before the donation is released.



Sörjande och anhöriga kan donera pengar till vårt ändamål genom minnessidor hos Lavendla. Att ge en minnesgåva är ett fint sätt att hedra minnet av någon som stod dig nära samtidigt som du hjälper andra. Via Jeremiah Lucas Opira Foundation får du dessutom reducerade fasta priser på enklare juridiska dokument. För personlig hjälp och vägledning, klicka på den understrukna länken här till Lavendla eller på Lavendlas logotyp här ovan. Tack för ditt engagemang!

Transfer into our Bank Account or Bankgiro

Donations to Insamlingsstiftelsen JLOF Sweden can be made into our Foundations Bank Account in Swedbank


Account no: 8327-9, 924 107 353-6 IBAN: SE0680000832799241073536  or  Bankgiro: 900-4102 (in Sweden)