Education is about more than learning to read, write and count. Our education program addresses important factors that help to help communities from poverty and give children an opportunity for education. This includes all the necessary infrastructure and materials required for effective learning. Even cultural issues such as preventing child marriages and keeping girls in […]


Culture includes everything from language, traditions, history, cultural heritage, faith, food and food, social habits, music, dance, drama, storytelling, poetry plays, movies, arts and crafts. Culture is important for sustainable development, as it links the past, the present and the future. Without a transformation of the past, there can be no development.Culture is the band […]

Health and Well-being

JLOF’s Community Health and Well-being program exists to provide people with the knowledge and the training they need to make better decisions regarding their health and to work proactively to prevent the spread of diseases such as HIV and AIDS. Challenges in the community health and well-being area are diseases, lack of water and hygiene […]

JLOF works to improve opportunities for disadvantaged, vulnerable communities.



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