Lakica Ruth: What COVID-19 is doing to my dream

What COVID-19 is doing to my dream

Essay from Jeremiah Lucas Opira Memorial Contest 2021

Author: Lakica Ruth
2021 Winner, category 1


Most people in a society thought that when they said a dream means that the one that sometimes can happen in the middle of the night when you are in a deep sleep for example when you are being chaste with a pangar, when you are in another country in a big hotel having fun with some of your new friends but that is not the case, that dream which I am meaning for this case is what I want to be in future or my future plans. I would like to be a doctor in future but now as COVID-19 has come and attack the world, there were many things that happened when the pandemic came the world, especially when the COVID-19 viral disease came to Uganda in 2020. The students have just reported back to school and the president had no option but the only option left was for him to order the closing of churches, other markets for selling clothes, shoes etc, they closed all transport means and even schools were among the places that were closed. The only places that were not closed are the hospitals and where they are selling food products only, and COVID-19 is caused by a virus called corona virus and it is called a pandemic because it has affected, killed and disturbed the whole world with very many cases of deaths recorded daily in a large number, and COVID-19 has contributed in the massive school dropout rates of the school children in different villages; children have become parents at a young age and COVID-19 has ruined their dreams and goals because staying at home for two years is not easy to manage in a society. I faced challenges during this COVID-19 period when there were no school continuing.

Since COVID-19 cases were being registered and recorded of an increasing rate, this prompted the government to impose total lock down in the country that leads to loss of time with the teachers at school because the government keeps on imposing a lock down period and “kafiu” times.

Loss of instructional time that the learners spends with their teachers with clear explanation of school / college.

Emotional and mental consequences or mental pressure were asserted on the learners, for instance certain things partaking the reopening of schools.

However the government made some informs during this period like distance learning that’s conducting lessons through televisions, radios and distribution of study materials like books, newspapers among others.

Unfortunately, we can not afford to buy a television for easy learning from home and radios are not good for learning because when doing a mathematical calculation or calculations for other subjects you are not going to see the formula of the calculations, when mixing chemicals in a chemistry lesson I myself will not see the exact color of the chemical being mixed.

Money were not easy for the guardians to afford because they had no job to be paid for a month and even when school come back they haven’t raised any money for your fees when you return to school even if you are going to school again because they had no good job that when paid can support all the needs you want, for example food, school fees, and medication.

This is all what I had to say about what COVID-19 has done to my dreams as a person from Uganda and it is making my future become dark, not to succeed in the future with my goals and dreams, but it won’t happen and now when we are in school we are still trying to master some of the things we have lost from our minds during the COVID-19 lockdown period for over two years when students stayed home without learning.

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