Nyero Dwe Ponsiano: What COVID-19 is doing to my dream

What COVID-19 is doing to my dream

Essay from Jeremiah Lucas Opira Memorial Contest 2021

Author: Nyero Dwe Ponsiano
1st Runner up, Category 1

It was in China December 2019, when the deadly covid-19 started and affected people’s lives in many ways, like transport means were stopped, lockdown and curfew rules were set. The deadly covid-19 is an illness caused by corona virus. The ways to avoid are by washing hands with soap, wearing clean mask and keeping social distance.

The above disease affected several people in both good and bad ways, but as a student, my dream was always to study hard and be a software engineer. And this disease has always affected me negatively like it led to restriction of movement and closure of schools. In the pre corona virus season I used to visit places like the computer centres, labs and library to add my knowledge but I had to quit all that because of restriction of movement caused by the illness.

The malicious disease went ahead and also led to closure of school where almost 80 or 90 percent of knowledge is got from. How is it actually possible to be a software engineer yet the school is closed. It led to unfinished syllabus, the disease never allowed us to complete all syllabus due to school closure and I will make sure to study hard and compensate all the syllabus not covered. It is such a malicious disease that is blocking students’ and pupils’ dreams to become someone in the future. Not only those, it also dramatically reshaped the way global education was delivered. In pre-covid, pupils used  to go and acquire knowledge from school but that way of education was changed to online teaching which is not that good compared to the old way. And students also lacked motivation given by teachers mentally and physically.

Covid-19 led to significant disruption to my education. Since there was no school in the last two years I was disrupted from my studies to other things like selling and watching television. But good for me, other students were actually disrupted to other bad habits like smoking and gambling. And that was also an obstacle on my way. So the least I could do is pray for them that this unfavourable time passes.

And bad enough for some of my friends whom we studied together had given up learning due to its long wait for the last two years but I hope they change their minds and go back to school. But however the illness tries to encounter me, I will always read hard until I achieve my goal, and now my goals are stopped by covid and being a software engineer. So with all this setback compels me to think covid-19 is not a blessing but a fore shadow to my dreams.

Then once upon a time I told my dad that my ambitions are to study like him, make friends like him, go international and sell my products like him. He smiled at me and pat me. I will make him the proudest dad.  

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