Opobo Jeremiah Samuel: What COVID-19 is doing to my dream

What COVID-19 is doing to my dream

Essay from Jeremiah Lucas Opira Memorial Contest 2021

Author: Opobo Jeremiah Samuel
3rd Runner Up, Category 1

Covid-19 is a killer disease that came out on the 31st December 2019. This disease is caused by the corona virus. It came to exist from Wuhan City in China. It spreads by body contact with an infected person when he/she sneezes or coughs.

This killer does not spare the young, elderly, rich or poor. It conquered the whole world, the World Health Organization outlined the following signs of the disease: dry cough, running nose and raise in temperature. It can only be prevented by wearing face mask, keeping social distance and using alcohol-based sanitizers, by this it will stray covid-19 away. It therefore affected my dreams directly. By this I mean, all schools were closed. That made me excessively miss my teachers, classmates, and the knowledge I used to get from school. It delayed my primary level of studies and my dream was to become an electrical engineer before 2037. It also affected my dreams by the lockdown that occurred in almost all countries that made me not go to for educational tours during this lock up and I missed a lot. This disease is a disaster to me, and it will stop by all means. I will prevent and control this killer disease by following the standard operating procedures, washing my hands, and educating the young on the dangers of covid-19.

"This killer does not spare the young, elderly, rich or poor."

I really thank the World Health Organization for providing us with vaccines for covid-19. It has disturbed us now for some good number of years, it will stray away if we maintain the preventative measures. I also thank our local leader for educating on the dangerous ways covid-19 kill and spread.

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