Wuwa Cgiu Justine: What COVID-19 is doing to my dream

What COVID-19 is doing to my dream

Essay from Jeremiah Lucas Opira Memorial Contest 2021

Author: Wuwa Cgiu Justine
4th Runner up, Category 2

Life changed suddenly to me when I heard that a deadly disease called covid-19, which emerged from China in 2019, is changing this global village. I never realised that this vigorous pandemic would affect the whole planet.

Since the beginning of 2020, the corona virus outbreak has totally zapped into my dream and tone in the set of my goals. I heard a lot of countries, people and outside citizens cautioning about this deadly virus. I never predicted that this world would zenithly peril my thoughts.

For a year to me, living in the covid-19 surge made me feel as if I had been selected to be thrown into the den of the hungry lions in real life. Even touching our own groceries and doorsteps made me sure of that. Venturing out is a big deal to me, something that also feels traumatic and makes me freak out about covid-19 infections.

In addition, when I sneezed or coughed and also slept sick instead of for eight hours, I don’t lose out on a fortnight of my time. Life is noted in vivid, bizarre dreams. I live day and night within the same walls. This covid-19 virus is like a tempest in my life, it makes me very flummoxed.

Similarly, the covid-19 pandemic has made me fear sharing things with my friends that have the same dreams since medical professionals stated that social distancing and avoiding crowds is the easiest way of preventing covid-19 infections. If someone sneezed, I would be panicking because I could get covid-19.

As the covid-19 pandemic continues, my voyage is ending since it was as if I have been drilled in the sea of phantoms. Like I’m being penalized day and night, and this is just because of the covid-19 pandemic.

For having indomitable spirits, I have made myself arrant by bending the tin with a great hollow tank since covid-19 emerged. I am living in arsenic life.

What an embarrassing disease covid-19 is! It has caused my life to submerge with a lot of challenges and this makes my life doddering time and again. It took me a while to realize that I was in the darkness.

Earlier in my life I worked, I cut, I pasted, hammered, sanded. I am feeling a lot of pressure to be rid of the sense of being punished. Although I forced myself to ignore the pressure, I went on working without let-up, and the closer I came to completing the race, the more I was filled with a sense of joy and light headedness, but it was replaced by the brain of pandemic.

Closing of schools as to prevent covid-19 outbreak is like we are placed in a small pocky room because it makes me sick. Closing schools make my timely setting in achieving my goals to be postponed time and again.

Great delays in reopening of schools also make me so flux and all this is covid-19 contribution toward changing my dream.

Deep fear of covid-19 infections, the massive death covid-19 pandemic has caused has hindered me to lose hope of life since the corona virus is deleting the planet.

I thought by 2024, the timeframe of my entrapment would be looser, but it is like I am tripping on a toe of a merciless twin tiger. Like I am toddling on a quagmire.

My dream was by 2025 I should have finished my studies but it all it turned to waste since the time postponed during the covid-19 lockdown made my dream plummet since it changes time and again.

In summary, covid-19 changed almost everything in my life since there was a hardship in life during corona lockdown, and up to now covid-19 is keeping me down.

In conclusion, covid-19 pandemic chaos meant things in my life changed. It makes me furious and with all my thoughts in life and about another future also makes me fulminate that covid-19 should be withdrawn from the world now.

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