Rubanga Kene Isaac Okot: What COVID-19 is doing to my dream

What COVID-19 is doing to my dream

Essay from Jeremiah Lucas Opira Memorial Contest 2021

Author: Rubanga Kene Isaac Okot
2nd Runner up, Category 1

Since the beginning of covid-19, I have not had a happy and peaceful life. Covid-19 has brought a lot of negative impact on many sectors in Uganda, as well as in the whole world. But for me, the worst impact was on the education sector because it is the key to life, and it is also the best way that can make me achieve my dream to become a mechanic. There are many things that the pandemic has done to my dream.

Though learning was locked during lockdown, the online learning replaced the usual classroom, which is bringing the use of modern technology like smartphones and computers which can make me attend lessons offered by teachers through internet. Internet is very expensive and my guardian can not afford to buy it for me which makes learning become difficult to me to achieve my dream.

Covid-19 has separated me from my friends whom I usually stay with at school and also my relatives. When I visit them, they give me advice on how to be a good child and persist me to achieve my dream.

To make it worse, covid-19 has also shaken my dream because it made my beloved father pass on and he was the only person who was paying my school fee and persisting me to achieve my dream. I lost hope totally after realising that my dream was now going to be destroyed since my mother also died in 2016.

However covid-19 brought a lot of negative impact toward my dream, I also learn a lesson of being persistent and how to overcome any situation ahead.

Covid-19 also taught me a lesson of being a hard worker so that a dangerous situation can not make me lose hope.

Even if I was almost losing hope, I gained hope because it seems like God is paving a way for me to achieve my dream. I also thank you very much and your organization.

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